Cognitive reserve and dementia A scientometric review

2019-04-03T02:45:00Z (GMT) by Maria Helena Pestana Margarida Sobral

ABSTRACT. Research into cognitive reserve (CR) and dementia is advancing rapidly. This paper analyses the intellectual structure, emerging trends and relevant shifts in the development of available knowledge. Data collected from the Web-of-Science produced an expanded network of 564 articles and 12,504 citations in the 1998-2017 period. The co-citation network visualized was characterized by a scientometric review using CiteSpace. The results revealed that author Stern Y had the highest number of publications and citations. The network of journals, institutions and countries showed a central-peripheral structure with Neurology, Harvard University and the USA ranked first, respectively. While cognitive reserve remains the most prominent area of research in this field, studies related to functional ability, executive control, mortality data and reserve mechanisms have grown considerably. The identification of critical articles and the development of emerging trends highlights new insights in the area of research, better communicating key findings and facilitating the exploration of data.