Cognitive stimulation in people with mental disorders in the community: an integrative review

posted on 12.02.2020 by Vanessa Alexandra Henriques Silva, Paulo Rosário Carvalho Seabra

ABSTRACT Objective: to analyze Cognitive Stimulation techniques effectiveness in the community and at home, in people with stabilized mental illness and their families. Method: an Integrative Literature Review, with inclusion criteria for primary studies that assess the Cognitive Stimulation techniques effectiveness in people with stable mental illness, older than 18 years, in the community and at home. Six articles were selected. Results: improvement of cognitive abilities such as attention, work memory and executive functions was observed. No conceptual differences or results were found among Cognitive Stimulation programs for people with different pathologies; computer tools are increasingly being used; sample size is limiting gain analysis; the nurse’s role has not been clarified; family gains were not studied. Final considerations: the results obtained in this review reveal the need to know more about the theme.