Cold forging tool for gear accuracy grade improvement by a different shrink fitting method

Abstract The manufacturing of the gear profile by Metal Forming is widely used in industry due to its quality and production capability. Direct cold extrusion has this characteristic and with support of peripheral technologies allows the development of asymmetric parts with complex geometry and near net shape. These resources, added with the great experience of a Brazilian forging company with strong presence in the cold forging market, allowed to develop a cold extrusion process to produce spur gears using the low carbon steel alloy described as SAE 10B22. The goal of this study was to develop the whole process, precision tooling project and manufacture as well as the experimental availability of the process. The tools were manufactured with high speed steel AISI M2 having a hardness in a range from 61 up to 63 HRc. The shrink rings were manufactured using steels with more toughness, such as S1 and H13. The application of shrink rings for the prestressing of tooling was evaluated using two different methods. The first one is using conventional shrink rings with tool steel, while the second is the stripwinding concept developed by the company STRECON.