Comparative analysis among standards of the area calculation of transversal reinforcement on reinforced concrete beams of high resistance subjected by shear force

Abstract High strength concretes (HSC) correspond to a characteristic compression strength between 55 e 90 MPa. With the growing use of HSC, studies about the regular design standards of elements made of it, specifically standards about design on shear, become necessary. Hence, the main aspects of the NBR, Model Code 1990 e 2010, Portuguese Standard and German Standard related to the design on shear are presented. From the numerical simulations, with the addition of Cladera and Marí’s experimental contributions, it is confirmed that the Brazilian design standard procedure produces lower transverse reinforcement areas in comparison to the ones predicted by the international codes; these, excepted by LoA III, do not consider the concrete contribution, in spite of being experimentally verified, leading to very conservative results.