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Comparative study on the efficacy of non-steroidal, steroid and non-use of anti-inflammatory in the treatment of acute epidemic conjunctivitis

posted on 12.02.2020, 02:41 by Luiz Alfredo Santiago, Jussara Matyelle Rodrigues da Silva, Orleâncio Gomes Ripardo de Azevedo, Paulo Roberto Leitão de Vasconcelos

Abstract Purpose To evaluate the effects of prednisolone against sodium diclofenac both with ciprofloxacin compared to artificial tears on the symptoms and signs of acute viral conjunctivitis. Methods Study included 37 patients diagnosed with acute conjunctivitis and distributed by three groups: A (1% prednisolone acetate + ciprofloxacin (0.3%); B (Sodium diclofenac (0.1%) + ciprofloxacin (0.3%) and C (artificial tears + ciprofloxacin (0.3%). Patients received medication 6/6 hours daily. Signs and symptoms (e.g. lacrimation, burning, photophobia, etc.) were scored at baseline and on the first, third, fifth and seventh days and in the end of treatment using a standardized questionnaire and slit lamp anterior segment examination. Results All three groups demonstrated an improvement in the signs and symptoms of conjunctivitis in their follow-up visits. There was no significant difference in symptom and sign scores between Group A and B and B and C in the study visits ( p >0.05). However, the comparison between groups A and C showed a clinical trend (p=0.05) on third evaluation suggesting better clinical action using the corticosteroids. Conclusion The prednisolone acetate was not superior to the use of sodium diclofenac or artificial tears in relieving the signs and symptoms of viral conjunctivitis.