Comparison of the Kelly's plication and TOT simultaneously with vaginal hysterectomy, on the incontinence, and sexual functions

ABSTRACT Purpose: To compare the effect of vaginal hysterectomy-anterior/posterior colporrhaphy with Kelly's plication(VH-KP), versus vaginal hysterectomy-anterior/posterior colporrhaphy-transobturator tape(VH-TOT) surgeries on incontinence, quality of life, and sexual functions in patients with pelvic organ prolapse(POP), and concurrent obvious stress urinary incontinence(SUI). Materials and Methods: Between 2013 and 2017, fifty patients treated with VH-KP(n = 25), and VH-TOT(n = 25) due to POP and SUI, were evaluated prospective consecutively. Age, parity, duration of urinary incontinence, and the daily pad use were recorded. Patients were filled “rinary Distress Inventory-6(UDI-6)”, “Incontinence Impact Questionnaire 7(IIQ-7)” and “Index of Female Sexual Function(IFSI)” questionnaire forms at preoperatively, and postoperative 6th month. No usage of pads was accepted as subjective cure rate. Intraoperative, and postoperative complications were noted. Results: There was no statistically significant difference between two groups, for the mean age of the patients, parity, duration of SUI, and the daily pad use, preoperatively (p > 0.05). Decreased UDI-6 scores, IIQ-7 scores and daily pad usage, and increased IFSF scores were found statistical significantly in each group, at the postoperative 6 th month (p < 0.05). However, VH-TOT group had higher improvement rates, on UDI-6 scores (69.5% vs 63.0%, p = 0.04). In addition, it was notable that the the rates of the patients had IFSF scores ≥ 25 was higher in VH-KP group (p = 0.05). Four (16%) patients had recurrent SUI in the VH-KP group (p = 0.039) and vaginal extrusion occurred in 2 (8%) patients in the VH-TOT group (p = 0.153), postoperatively. Conclusions: Although the effects of VH-TOT surgery are superior to conventional methods for incontinence and quality of life; negative effects on sexual functions are notable. In addition, although recurrence rates of TOT are low, complications such as vaginal extrusion are accompanied by drawbacks of mesh usage.