Comparison of two esters estradiol as inductors on ovulation follicular diameter and pregnancy rate of dairy cattle subject to program of FTAI

SUMMARY This study aimed to evaluate the effect of using two estradiol esters, on the diameter of the ovulatory follicle (DFOL), and pregnancy rates of dairy cows submitted to FTAI program. Therefore, 94 females crossbred Dutch-Gir were subjected to the following hormone protocol started on a random day D0, by insertion of an intravaginal device of progesterone (P4) associated to 2.0 mg of estradiol benzoate (EB) intramuscular (im). In D8, the devices were removed and 500 µg of sodium cloprostenol – prostaglandin – F2α was administered and 300 IU of equine chorionic gonadotropin (eCG) i.m. At this time the animals were divided in two groups: 50 cows were allocated to EC group and received 1 mg of estradiol cypionate i.m., while the other 44 received 1.0 mg of EB i.m. 24 hours after removal of the devices (D9), being called the BE Group. At D10, inseminations were carried out, and prior to each IA procedure were performed trans rectal ultrasonography to measure the DFOL. Pregnancy diagnosis was performed 55 days after the FTAI. There was no significant difference between measurement of DFOL found for the BE and CE groups being, respectively, 11.45 ± 2.34 and 10.71 ± 2,43mm. The BE group also showed a 34.10% pregnancy rate, similar to the EC group which was 40.00%. It is concluded that CE can replace the BE in TAI protocol in dairy cows, representing an alternative to simplify the FTAI protocol.