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Compatibility of Beauveria bassiana in the laboratory for insecticides, herbicides and ripeners

posted on 26.12.2018, 05:10 by André Felipe Fregonesi, Dinalva Alves Mochi, Antonio Carlos Monteiro

ABSTRACT: The differences in the toxicity of pesticides, herbicides and ripeners for isolates AM 09, JAB 07, IBCB 07 e JAB 46 of Beauveria bassiana were evaluated through experiments conducted in culture medium. The isolates were cultured on potato dextrose agar (PDA) containing agrochemicals. Germination, growth and sporulation were evaluated and, based on these parameters, the toxicological classification of pesticides for each isolate was made. The insecticide Actara(r) was considered compatible with AM 09, moderately toxic for JAB 07 and toxic for IBCB 07 and JAB 46. Regente WG 800(r) was considered compatible with all isolates, while Temik 150(r) showed to be toxic. In relation to the herbicides, the product Glifosato Nortox(r) was considered compatible with AM 09, moderately toxic for IBCB 07 and JAB 46 and toxic for JAB 07. Plateau(r) was classified as moderately toxic for AM 09 and JAB 07, and toxic for IBCB 07 and JAB 46. Contain(r), DMA(r), Karmex(r), Sencor 480(r) e Velpar-K(r) were classified as toxic for all isolates. In the case of ripeners, both Curavial K(r) and Moddus(r) showed to be toxic for all the isolates. The results revealed that there is variation between isolates of B. bassiana regarding the toxicity profile of agrochemicals. AM 09 was the most tolerant to the toxic action of the products. Germination suffered minor effect than growth and sporulation, and JAB 07 was the isolate less affected by agrochemicals with regard to this parameter.