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Comprehensiveness in the perspective of public health: pathways for the training of the nurse

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posted on 21.08.2019, 02:48 by Paula Hino, Ana Lúcia de Moraes Horta, Mônica Antar Gamba, Monica Taminato, Hugo Fernandes, Danila Cristina Paquier Sala

ABSTRACT Objective: to present an academic practice experienced by professors in a curricular unit of the public health field entitled “Comprehensive health care”, offered in the undergraduate nursing course of a public university. Methods: experience report of dialogic activities between professors and undergraduates. Results: it was possible to discuss nursing care from the perspective of comprehensiveness, which allowed the understanding of the need to broaden the scope regarding the practices conducted in primary care and enabled the attribution of new meanings to the actions experienced by undergraduate students in their curricular internships; thus, contributing to the training of a professional with critical and creative capacity. Final Considerations: the students were able to understand that quality care should go beyond complaint-behavior, providing care based on a networked health service structure aligned with SUS policies and programs.