Connections between Street Art, creativity and professions: Tamara Alves’ circuits and creations

2019-12-04T02:44:09Z (GMT) by Glória Diógenes

Abstract This paper is part of an ethnography carried out in Lisbon on urban art and graffiti during the year 2013. The text highlights the fluid and porous borders that are drawn between the multiple connections and productions of urban art. As an exemplary case, we followed the vocational training path of Portuguese writer Tamara Alves, who in addition to being a “street artist” identifies herself as a graphic designer, tattoo artist, performer and DJ. We notice that, to the extent the artist is given the word that enables darning the underground with the practice of natural fields of professional performance, he/she will operate in the continuous circuit between an inside and an outside market, between work and pleasure, between playing and doing, as signals Tamara Alves’ pointillism of experimentations. We conclude, provisionally, that the boundaries between the time of fruition of life and that related to work are increasingly narrowed in the scope of professional practices considered creative, thus setting up new branches and modulations of what is known as work and profession.