Conservative dentistry: non-beveled esthetic restorations in anterior teeth

The pursuit of esthetic excellence in dentistry today requires dental practitioners to enhance their knowledge and technique in restorations of the anterior teeth. Due to the high incidence and prevalence of fractures in this dental area, mimicking the optical properties and characteristics of the dental structure in young patients (aged 6 to 15 years) is a major challenge. This case report describes the minimally invasive, non-beveled restoration of two fractured anterior teeth (class IV). After diagnosing fractures of teeth 11 and 21 in a 10-year-old patient, a composite mock-up was performed, followed by a diagnostic wax-up. With the aid of a silicon guide, the restorations were prepared without beveling the enamel surface. We performed color stratification by using different types of composite resins. Finally, finishing and polishing procedures were carried out.