Construction and Development of the Organizational Identity: Analysis of an Organization's Website

2018-06-13T02:58:47Z (GMT) by Rosa Maria Sobreira Gorete Marques

Abstract The way organizations nowadays position themselves in front of their multiple stakeholders and society necessarily implies the use of different technological means. This article of an interdisciplinary nature intend to analyze verbal and visual discursive practices present on the first page of the website of a Portuguese company in 2011 and 2016. Thereunto, the text follows the principles of Systemic Functional Linguistics and Social Semiotics applied to the Business Discourse, using the transitivity system (HALLIDAY, 2004) and the structures of representation (KRESS; VAN LEEUWEN, 2006). With this framework, the work seeks to know how the company represents itself and how this representation has evolved in time in an exercise of adaptation to its own contextual reality. The results show a clear evolution in the way the company is represented, but some imbalance in the dimensions that the studies of identity present as guiding.