Construction and development of an oral history project in Management studies

Abstract The purpose of this article is to shed light on how to approach oral history and other ways of thinking about management. The backdrop for these reflections are the memories and stories of settlers Bebedouro Irrigation Project, located in the countryside of Petrolina, in Pernambuco. The development of an oral history project involves some important steps that demand reflection so that they can make sense for the research, but essentially for the narrator. Therefore, we propose here some points to encourage such reflections to the terms of the meeting the time and care that the researcher needs to have at this time of the research building. Then we present a proposal for transformation of oral in writing, which is an important moment researcher needs to put all the excitement, said and unsaid, in written form, which also demands an effort and is the substance to be analyzed and returned to the narrator. And this is the last moment that the narrator needs to validate that what has turned into writing reflects what was said by him. An oral history research is built by many hands and contributes to reflection on how the management is [rejbuild.