Content of Condensed Tannins Present in Mimosa tenuiflora Barks Based on the Phenophase

ABSTRACT The Mimosa tenuiflora, a typical species of the Brazilian semi-arid region, presents potential for production of vegetable tannins. This study aimed to evaluate the content of condensed tannins in the bark of Mimosa tenuiflora based on the plant phenophase. Thus, four collections were carried out according to the agricultural period, August and December of 2008, and April and August of 2009, at Lameirão Farm, Santa Terezinha, Paraiba, Brazil. Were collected 10 plants per period, totaling 40 plants, and evaluated the phenology and total solids content, Stiasny’s index and condensed tannins content in the bark by collection period. It was observed that the plants phenology affected the content condensed tannins, since trees with fruits and flowers showed lower tannins content. Plants with green leaves showed higher condensed tannins content.