Continuity and discontinuity in using information and communication technology by Health Science professors

Abstract: Based on the scientific literature about factors related to information and communication technology (ICT) integration in teaching, this study aimed to evaluate Health Sciences professors’ perceptions on the aspects that can influence continuity/discontinuity in the use of a web-based authoring tool (Constructore).We conducted semi-structured interviews with eight university professors who adopted Constructore. Responses were analyzed through the method of content analysis. Results showed perceptions regarding different aspects: pedagogical (such as student’s involvement with the proposed activities and pedagogical potential of ICT in Health Science), personal (readiness to improve teaching practice), institutional (incentives for enhancement pedagogical practice, and also provision of infrastructure and training), and technological (such as simplicity, compatibility between authoring tool resources and the pedagogical goals, and also stability of the tool). These results contribute to knowledge on the integration of ICT-based innovation in Health Sciences education.