Coordination and services provided in tuberculosis control: perception of nurses and physicians

Abstract Background Tuberculosis remains a public health problem and health services plays a key role in the early detection of cases and in promotional and preventive actions. Thus, the orientation and integration of the healthcare network are essential for a continuous and integral care. Objective To compare the perspective of nurses and physicians on the performance of health services in coordination and services provided to patients with tuberculosis in the context of the 15th Regional Health of Paraná. Method Evaluative study involving 134 health professionals. The data were collected between June to September 2013, using an adaptation of the Primary Care Assessment Tool. For each variable was given a mean score, subjected to analysis of variance. Results The services provided obtained regular score; the provision of transportation vouchers and food baskets were unsatisfactory from the perspective of professionals. The coordination was satisfactory score, but the flow of information between the reference and counter-reference was considered regular. Conclusion The services provided to the user not cast also includes comprehensive care and the coordination and integration of reference and counter-reference services are necessary for the resolution of user problems.