Could packing and pelleting keep the quality of tobacco seeds during storage?

Abstract: The packaging, used to maintain the seeds during storage, is extremely important in their conservation. Seeds from the cultivar BAT 2101 were used in order to evaluate the effect of packaging on the conservation of the quality of bare and pelleted tobacco seeds stored in the long-term. After characterization of the lot profile, the seeds were stored for 180, 360, 540, and 720 days under ambient conditions at 25 °C ± 2 and 62.8% relative humidity in cotton bags, aluminum cans, laminated envelopes, plastic envelopes and paper envelopes. The seed quality throughout the storage in the different packages was determined by the water content and germination tests, first germination count, germination speed index, initial and final emergence and emergence speed index. The aluminum can packaging keeps the quality of bare and pelleted tobacco seeds for a period of 720 days. Up to 360 days of storage, there was a decrease in the dormancy of bare and pelleted seeds with an increase in deterioration after this period, except for those kept in the aluminum can packing.