Creation of a childhood glaucoma registry database

ABSTRACT Purpose: The aim is creation of a database to register patients diagnosed with childhood glaucoma. Information collection and storage will utilize a digital platform that permits multiple centers to register patients. This registry will be an important tool to evaluate and group patient profiles, thus allowing identification of risk factors, estimating prevalence, and recruiting participants in future studies. Methods: An online form was designed at the Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences of the Federal University of São Paulo to create a registry of patients diagnosed with congenital glaucoma. In addition, a pilot study was conducted in the same institution to validate the Google Forms platform that comprises the registry questionnaire. Results: Data can be entered online and stored in the cloud. The database allows the acquisition and storage of epidemiological and clinical data, detection of patterns, and evaluation of the current treatment of children with childhood glaucoma. The data from multiple centers can be combined as collection in online and storage is in the cloud. The form is comprehensive and includes social data, gestational history, family history, clinical data on entering the center, and the treatment received. Conclusions: Google Forms is a useful tool for collecting and analyzing statistical data, facilitating the process of registering patients, and analyzing information. Using the online questionnaire, it will be possible to create a multicenter online database that allows identification of risk factors and evaluation of the outcome of interventions and treatment.