Creative process in the audiovisual industry: from script to the imaginary

2018-12-26T05:33:44Z (GMT) by Sílvio Antonio Luiz Anaz

Abstract The creative process in the audiovisual industry is based on coordination among several agents (screenwriters, directors, producers, executives, casts , etc.), technologies and corporate decisions. Studying this process requires an understanding of how those elements, that blend art and business, impact the development of the imaginary that movies and TV series share with audiences . This paper seeks to contribute toward an understanding of this process, which is developed collectively and under market logic, based on a heuristic perspective of the imaginary (Eliade, Durand, Barros), the archetypological concept (Jung, Durand), and the mythocritical method. The results are the mapping of the creative process and the draft of a method for investigation of the process in the audiovisual industry.