Critical analysis by comparison between water quality models applied to polluted rivers: Contributions to health, water and sanitation

posted on 07.08.2019 by Cynara de Lourdes da Nóbrega Cunha, Aldo Pacheco Ferreira

ABSTRACT The focus of this article is to analyze the presence of organic matter in sewage from BOD-DO models. The model relates to the pollution of a water body by organic matter and the decrease in dissolved oxygen levels caused by the respiration of microorganisms involved in sewage purification. It is highlighted the modeling of different types of pollutant loading release, presenting four types of them, and the effects on the natural water bodies’ self-purification, from two patterns of transport provided by the receiving body; first for a smaller flow and then there is a flow increase. This work also discusses how mathematical models can intervene effectively in the discharge of sewage after treatment and if these can contribute to public health, sanitation and improved conservation of water resources.