Crossover transseptal vasovasostomy: alternative for very selected cases of iatrogenic injury to vas deferens

2019-05-29T02:40:09Z (GMT) by Fernando Korkes Oseas Castro Neves Neto

ABSTRACT Inguinal herniorraphy is a possible cause of iatrogenic seminal tract obstruction. Diagnosing and correcting these vasal injuries can be challenging. Successful re-anastomosis is technically challenging, with relatively low success rates. An uncommon alternative for selected cases is the crossover transseptal vasovasostomy. We herein report a case of a 36-year-old male patient with vas deferens injury after herniorraphy and a contralateral hypotrophic testis. He was successfully treated through microsurgical crossover transseptal vasovasostomy, with spontaneous pregnancy achieved, and the technique is presented in details.