DO DEMOCRATS HAVE AFRAID OF PEOPLE? A defense of populism as political resistance

2019-06-05T02:51:36Z (GMT) by Daniel de Mendonça

This article aims at presenting left-wing populism as political resistance against established regimes. For that, the text is divided into three main parts. Firstly, we discuss the current situation of liberal democracies. After we treat some theoretical and practical deadlocks of populism to present our conceptual vision of this phenomenon, that is, a discursive political logic which constitutes the people antagonistically against their enemies. In the last part, we introduce the notion of the will of equals, firstly discussing the duality of equality (the democratic invention of equality as principle and equality as the horizon). Following, we analyse the structure of the will of equals, a particular type of left-wing populism, which we understand to be able to uncover aspects referring to different demonstrations that have been occurring around the World since Arab Spring.