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Dental Care for an adolescent with chromosome pentasomy: rare case report with a two year follow-up

posted on 26.12.2018, 03:02 by Nayara Silva ALVES, Andréa Videira ASSAF, Ângela Maria MARTINS, Marlus Roberto Rodrigues CAJAZEIRA, Leonardo Santos ANTUNES, Flávia Maia SILVEIRA

Pentasomy of the x chromosome is a rare syndrome of unknown incidence and there are few reports in the scientific literature, especially in terms of dental care for patients with this syndrome. The aim of this study was to report the dental care given to an adolescent with pentasomy of the X chromosome. The patient presented a cleft palate, impacted teeth, malocclusion, high caries activity, gingivitis and multiple tooth loss due to caries. Despite the difficulties of carrying out the dental work due to involuntary movements and the initial lack of collaboration from the patient the overall dental care was completed on an outpatient basis. The therapeutic success of the treatment was strongly supported by the significant cooperation and relationship that grew up along the period of the treatment, as well as the desire to have the treatment done by both the patient and her parents.