Description of a human Bocavirus recombinant strain in the Americas

Human bocaviruses (HBoV) are mainly associated with respiratory and gastroenteric infections. These viruses belong to the family Parvoviridae, genus Bocaparvovirus and are classified in four subtypes (HBoV1-4). Recombination and point mutation have been described as basis of parvovirus evolution. In this study three viral sequences were obtained from positives HBoV sewage samples collected in two Uruguayan cities and were characterised by different methods as recombinant strains. This recombination event was localised in the 5’ end of VP1 gene and the parental strains belonged to subtypes 3 and 4. These three Uruguayan strains are identical at the nucleotide sequences in the analysed genome region of the virus. As far as we known, this study represents the first detection of HBoV recombinants strains in the Americas.