Detection of Myxomycetes in strawberry in the South of Minas Gerais

ABSTRACT Showing the greatest economic expression among small fruits in the world, the strawberry has as main obstacle the phytosanitary issues. Aiming to identify possible phytoparasites associated with strawberry cultivation, symptomatic samples were collected between March and October 2016, in the city of Estiva - MG. Fruiting structures were observed in the leaf petiole of ‹Minas› and, under stereoscopic and optical microscopes, the Myxomycetes Diachea leucopoda could be identified in these symptomatic samples. This is its first record in Minas Gerais State. Possibly, this Myxomycetes has entered this region due to constant acquisition of seedlings from other States and even from other countries, evidencing the need for more strict rules for the purchase of seedlings.