Development and parameter optimization of maize flat bread supplemented with asparagus bean flour

Abstract The purpose of this study was to develop maize flat bread supplemented with asparagus bean flour (ABF). Preliminary study was conducted for maximum supplementation of ABF on the basis of sensory attributes and it was found that 15% ABF can be supplemented. Further a composite flour containing 85% maize flour (MF) and 15% ABF was used for the preparation of flat bread. The effect of baking temperature (200 to 235 °C) and baking time [time 1 (surface 1) and time 2 (surface 2)] (70 to 120 sec) on product responses such as sensory characteristics (overall color, appearance, flavor, taste, mouth feel, overall acceptability), texture (shear value) and moisture content were studied. Results indicated that baking temperature and baking time had significant (p < 0.05) positive effect on sensory characteristics and shear value, while significant (p < 0.05) negative effect on moisture content. Numerical optimization resulted in baking temperature 225 °C, baking time 1 (120 sec) for surface 1 and time 2 (116 sec) for surface 2 to develop a flat bread with best quality.