Development of Forestry Species Inoculated with Trichoderma spp. Fertilized with Rock Phosphate

ABSTRACT The study aimed to determine the effects of inoculation of Trichoderma spp. on the development and extraction of nutrients from Eugenia pyriformis Cambess. (uvaieira) and Myrcianthes punges (O.Berg.) (guabiju) subjected to fertilization with rock phosphate. The treatments used at planting were: Control; Trichonat PM®; Trichoderma sp. FS1; Rock phosphate; Trichonat PM® + Rock phosphate; and Trichoderma sp. FS1 + Rock Phosphate. The following characteristics were evaluated at 540 days after planting: plant height, crown diameter, branch insertion points, biomass, and nutrient content. The uvaieiras inoculated with Trichonat PM® and Thrichoderma spp. showed higher vegetative growth and higher values of N, P, K, Ca, Mg and S, respectively. For guabijuzeiros, the treatment with Trichoderma spp. presented the highest insertion point of the branches without phosphorus fertilization However, the treatments did not affect nutrient extraction. Thus, Trichoderma spp. inoculants have the potential to promote vegetative growth and nutrient extraction in plants.