Development of a dehydrated product with edible film characteristics from mammee apple (Mammea americana L.) using Refractance Window drying

posted on 13.11.2019 by Cintieley dos Santos NASCIMENTO, Antonio Manoel da Cruz RODRIGUES, Luiza Helena Meller da SILVA

Abstract The Mammee apple (Mammea americana L.) is a widely grown fruit, popular in tropical areas, which is mainly consumed fresh. Refractance Window (RW) drying is used to produce food films, flakes, and powders, and may be an alternative to commercially used dry food production methods. The aim of this study was to obtain a dehydrated product from the pulp of mammee apple using RW. The dehydrated product presented a homogeneous microstructure and good mechanical (TS = 1.15 Mpa, %E = 13.93) and technological properties (hygroscopicity = 21.46 g.100 g-1, water solubility index = 32.73 ± 0.67 g.100 g-1). RW drying was found to be a viable and low-cost method for edible film production, generating products with adequate technological characteristics and high nutritional value. Its dehydrated products can be consumed directly or used as ingredients in the development of food products.