Discursive-imagetic Sociological Analysis Methodology: possibilities for organizational studies

Abstract In the social and human sciences, theoretical discussions about images date back over four decades. No specific method of interpretation has yet emerged that deals directly with the visual level, in its different objects, without previously transcribing it, in descriptive form, so that it can then be analyzed textually or discursively. The objective of this study is to systematize a contextualized and integrative methodology of different levels of image approximation through the following steps: a) delimitation of the sociocultural context in which the discussion about image analysis emerges; b) narrative of the historicity of the practices of analysis of images originating in other sciences; c) establishment of dialogue between the methodology of the Sociological Discourse Analysis (SDA) with evaluation of possible new concept transfer from this perspective to the field of Sociological Image Analysis; d) construction of a hybrid methodology which integrates both methodologies as a Sociological Discursive-Imagetic Analysis.