Diseases, conditions, and drugs associated with cicatricial ectropion

ABSTRACT Cicatricial ectropion may be a consequence of certain systemic diseases as well as the result of drug use. Our goal here was to research the different causes of this condition as reported in the literature, including more recently suspected etiologies. A detailed PubMed literature search indicated many different etiologies were associated with cicatricial ectropion development, from severe cases of systemic diseases, such as ichthyosis and lupus erythematosus, to reversible scenarios secondary to anti-glaucomatous drug use. More recently reported connections include periorbital necrotizing fasciitis, frontal osteomyelitis, and antineoplastic agents. Indeed, cicatricial ectropion may be highly symptomatic; being able to determine its real etiology is imperative to managing patients properly. In this investigation, we felt that an explicitly multidisciplinary approach was essential, especially for cases associated with systemic conditions.