Distance collaborative consultation in assistive technology for teachers: planning, implementation, and evaluation of a case study

Abstract The aim of this research was to plan, implement, and evaluate a distance collaborative consulting service in Assistive Technology (AT) for two teachers at the multifunctional resource room. This was a qualitative approach case-study, Three AT consultants also participated in the study in addition to the teachers. Data was collected by means of activities organized in the virtual learning environment and questionnaires. Initially, the data identified a demand for the teachers’ knowledge about AT. Next, the teachers chose a case of a student with cerebral palsy to receive support from the consultants. Finally, there was the evaluation of the service. The data were analyzed using a content analysis technique. The findings indicated that it is possible to identify the demands of the teachers regarding the use of AT at a distance, as well as to plan and implement collaborative consulting efforts. The contribution of this research is to indicate an alternative possibility for school support.