Distribution of mammograms and mammography offering in relation to the parametric care of the Public Health Care System in Pernambuco

posted on 24.10.2018 by Maria Tatiane Alves da Silva, Valdecir Barbosa da Silva Júnior, Jorgiana de Oliveira Mangueira, Garibaldi Dantas Gurgel Junior, Eliane Maria Medeiros Leal

Abstract Objective: to describe the distribution of available mammograms in the Sistema Único de Saúde (SUS) (Public Health Care System) and the mammography offering were carried out by this system, throughout the health regions in Pernambuco State, and compared them with the parametric care recommended by the Ministry of Health. Methods: this is a descriptive cross-sectional study that used secondary mammograms data in December 2016 by the Cadastro Nacional de Estabelecimentos de Saúde (National Registy on Health Establishments); and about mammography performed at SUS in 2016 by the Sistema de Informação Ambulatorial (Ambulatory Information System). The parametric care document No. 1.631/2015 was used as a comparability standard in relation to the distribution of the equipment and the mammography offering. Results: Pernambuco State presented approximately the double amount of mammograms and mammography was performed about 46% below the recommended parameter used in this study. All the health regions presented sufficient quantity of mammograms. However, the use of the installed capacity was less than 50% in all the health regions in the state. Conclusions: this study shows the need for a better use of the installed capacity for mammograms in Pernambuco State taken by the insufficient mammography offering and the poor distribution of the equipment in its territory.