Drought Monitoring in Chaharmahl-Bakhtiyari Province in Iran

Abstract The monitoring of drought is the most important factor in water resources management. This study focuses on evaluation of the drought characteristics such as intensity, frequency and duration drought using Standardized Precipitation Index (SPI) in different time scales such as: SPI1, SPI3 months, during 1980-2012. The results show that selection of different time scales can be based on management goals and kind of drought. The results of the drought occurrence frequency showed that, with increase of length of time scales, drought duration will increase and maximum frequency was at the normal level and there is no particular procedure in different time scales. Furthermore, Drought patterns maps showed that the northern and central parts of study area had experienced these recent droughts more than other places, and these place have potential to destroy the lands. So, by identification of sensitivity regions can be take appropriate management to prevent damage resulting of drought.