Ecap Consolidation and Heat Treatment of Blended Elemental Powders of Iron, Chromium, Nickel and Manganese

Equal channel angular pressing (ECAP) is one of the severe plastic deformation processes that can also be used for metallic powder consolidation. Consolidation of blended elemental powders of iron, chromium, nickel, and manganese (Fe-25Cr-20Ni-2Mn wt. %) was performed at room temperature in a Φ = 120° die by 1 and 2 passes. SEM micrographs indicated that single pass ECAP consolidated sample presented close to full densification. Additional pass of ECAP led to hardness increase and to an apparent better mixing between the different particles. SEM/EDX analysis made before and after heat treatment of the samples showed that effective diffusion only took place after heat treatment and especially in the sample subjected to 2 ECAP passes. Results indicate that alloying by ECAP consolidation and posterior heat treatment is feasible, especially for systems that cannot be processed by conventional means, as well as mechanical alloying.