Economic Injury Level of Canjiqueira in Native Pastures in Pantanal of Nhecolândia

ABSTRACT: Pantanal plain has large extensions of land formed by many types of landscapes suitable to extensive livestock system. Open grasslands and lowlands are formed by forage such as grasses and forbs widely consumed by cattle. However, climatic and human factors can promote the dissemination of invasive shrub species such as canjiqueira (Byrsonima cydoniifolia A. Juss) making it necessary, in many cases, the human intervention to control the invasion. The present work had as objective to determine the economic threshold level to control canjiqueira through two methods: tractor driven blade and link chains pulled by tractor in different invasion levels plants per hectare. Economic Threshold proved to be a tool for efficient and effective management for making decisions of when and how to do the control of canjiqueira in natural pastures of Pantanal of Nhecolândia.