Economic aspects of the aerial part of in natura cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz) for the nutrition of confined and semi-confined lambs

ABSTRACT The scope of this study was to evaluate the inclusion of raw cassava aerial parts in the diet of lambs in partial substitution of rations, in order to reduce production costs. The experiment was conducted at Sheep Technology Centre (CTO) in Campo Grande City, MS. A sample of 56 lambs from Pantaneiro genetic group was used, 28 males and 28 females, average weight of 18.84kg±2.02kg. The inclusion of PAM decreased the costs by 31.29% for the same category of animal. Among the production systems the semi-feedlot, showed the highest average profitability of 6.4% and a return of 7.99%, compared to the feedlot system, which obtained 0.04% 0.87% profitability and return. In conclusion, the inclusion of the aerial part of cassava increases the economic efficiency of production systems without affecting the development of finishing animals.