Ecos da Guerra Civil espanhola na Grã-Bretanha através das publicações do Left Book Club

2017-12-05T09:39:58Z (GMT) by Matheus Cardoso da Silva

ABSTRACT This article studies the repercussion of the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) in Great Britain, narrated through the publications of the Left Book Club, founded in London in 1935. Throughout its 13 years of operation, the LBC has published 13 books on the subjects of War, of a total of 255 titles released, besides two special numbers of its official magazine -Left News. The paper demonstrates not only how the narrative offered by the LBC publications helped mobilize local public opinion when fascism was not yet perceived as a real danger to the Empire, but also, due to its developmental characteristics and the engagement of countless foreigners on both sides of the war, how the conflict had, from the outset, a transnational appeal. The book will reaffirm itself as much as a physical support for the circulation of ideas, as a place of memory, capable of contributing to the construction of the collective memory of war.