Effect of Alpinia zerumbet essential oil on the shelf life of tambaqui fillets during short-term refrigerator storage

posted on 08.05.2019 by Ana Karolinne Anastacio de SOUSA, Fabíola Helena dos Santos FOGAÇA, Thais Danielly Santos ARAUJO, Karina Neoob de Carvalho CASTRO, Alitiene Moura Lemos PEREIRA, Kirley Marques CANUTO, Edy Sousa de BRITO, Mônica Giacometti MAI, João Avelar de MAGALHÃES

ABSTRACT We investigated the effect of Alpinia zerumbet essential oil on the quality and shelf life of tambaqui (Colossoma macropomum) fillets stored under refrigeration (10.0 ± 0.5 °C) for 14 days. The treatments were A. zerumbet essential oil at 0.75% v v-1 (AEO 0.75%), A. zerumbet essential oil at 1.5% v v-1 (AEO 1.5%) and a control (no essential oil). The sample quality and shelf life were determined by the total psychrotrophic count (TPC) and chemical parameters (pH, total volatile basic nitrogen, centesimal composition and thiobarbituric acid reactive substances - TBARS) at zero, seven and 14 days of storage time. The TPC decreased significantly (p < 0.05) with an A. zerumbetessential oil level of 1.5% until seven days of storage. The concentration of A. zerumbet essential oil at 0.75% resulted in lower pH, TBARS, and TVBN values in comparison with the other treatment and the control. Thus, A. zerumbet essential oil was efficient in extending the shelf life of refrigerated tambaqui fillets up to approximately seven days.