Effect of Loose Bonding and Corrugated Boundary Surface on Propagation of Rayleigh-Type Wave

Abstract The problems concerns to the propagation of surface wave propagation through various anisotropic mediums with initial stress and irregular boundaries are of great interest to seismologists, due to their applications towards the stability of the medium. The present paper deals with the propagation of Rayleigh-type wave in a corrugated fibre-reinforced layer lying over an initially stressed orthotropic half-space under gravity. The upper free surface is assumed to be corrugated; while the interface of the layer and half-space is corrugated as well as loosely bonded. The frequency equation is deduced in closed form. Numerical computation has been carried out which aids to plot the dimensionless phase velocity against dimensionless wave number for sake of graphical demonstration. Numerical results analyze the influence of corrugation, loose bonding, initial stress and gravity on the phase velocity of Rayleigh-type wave. Moreover, the presence and absence of corrugation, loose bonding and initial stress is also discussed in comparative manner.