Effect of NaOH concentration and curing regime on geopolymer

2018-02-07T02:54:29Z (GMT) by C. N. LIVI W. L. REPETTE

Abstract The effect of alkali concentration and curing temperature regime on fly ash-based geopolymer pastes was investigated in this study by using NaOH solutions. Prismatic specimens were molded, cured at 65 °C and 85 °C and submitted to flexural and compressive strength tests. Unreacted fly ash and geopolymers were characterized by X-ray diffraction and thermogravimetric analysis. In general, the mechanical strength was enhanced by increasing the molar concentration and the curing temperature. This trend was confirmed by thermogravimetric data. However, for a lower amount of NaOH there were no significant differences between the strength results. The mixture with the highest strength was obtained with the 16 M NaOH solution and curing temperature of 85 °C, which resulted in flexural strength of 4.20 MPa, compressive strength of 21.35 MPa and also the highest weight loss of 9.89%.