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Effect of Pile Orientation on the Shear Strength of Stitched Foam Sandwich Panel

posted on 19.09.2018, 03:16 by Ramraj Santhanakrishnan, Narayanan Kavitha, Meenakshi Sundaram, Pappakudi Srinivasan Venkatanarayanan

Stitched foam sandwich panel is a newly developed sandwich structure used in various structural applications. The sandwich skins are made of glass-fiber/epoxy-matrix composite; their interior layers are connected with glass yarn called piles. This paper investigates the effect of pile orientation on the shear strength of stitched foam sandwich panel. Four types of pile orientation are used; 90º, 45º, 90 º/45 º and 90º/45º/90º.The results are compared with a non-stitched sandwich panel. From the results of the core shear test, it is observed that the panels with 90º/45º/90ºorientation proved to be strongest among all.