Effect of Sample Dimensions on Static Bending Test

Abstract This study aimed to evaluate the static bending strength (fM) and modulus of elasticity (MOE) to static bending values of Eucalyptus grandis samples produced in different dimensions. It intended to identify samples that present similar mechanical properties to those recommended by other technical standards and those obtained according to NBR 7190. The samples were made in agreement with the dimensions of the following standards: IPT, AFNOR B51-016, ASTM D143, CEN-EN 408, COPANT 555, and NBR 7190. The strength was significantly reduced with the increase of the sample dimensions. The MOE was significantly influenced by the samples size with the values showing a parabolic trend. The samples produced according to COPANT 555 (5 x 5 x 75 cm) presented resistance values similar to the values obtained following NBR 7190 specifications, whereas for the MOE, the samples proposed according to the IPT presented the closest values of Brazilian technical standards (NBR 7190).