Effect of Suture on Mechanical Properties of Stitched Thermal Protection Sandwich

2020-01-15T04:43:19Z (GMT) by Cong Lin Fanchun Lee Taohua Xue

This paper investigates the tensile properties and bending performances of stitched thermal protection structure in engineering, and the effect of stitching density on mechanical properties, via a model of ceramic-aerogel stitched sandwich. With the help of ANSYS, titanium alloy bottom plate was added to the bottom surface of the thermal protection structure, which was regarded as the protected body, and the two were synergistically deformed. The validity of the entire model was verified. The distribution of stress field inside the structure was determined by substructure precise analysis method and the law of the finite element solution was given. The results show that interlaminar performance of the stitched sandwich is improved by 30% on average under tensile or four-point bending conditions.