Effect of conjugated linoleic acid addition in in vitro culture medium in F1 Holstein X Zebu embryo survival post vitrification

ABSTRACT The effect of adding conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) to the culture media on the viability after cryopreservation of F1 Holstein X Zebu embryos was evaluated. Three different culture media were tested: control (n = 340 oocytes): SOF medium and fetal bovine serum (FBS) without the CLA; FBS + CLA (n = 359 oocytes): SOF, FBS and CLA; CLA (n = 339 oocytes): SOF and CLA without the FBS. The produced blastocysts were subjected to vitrification, by the Open Pulled Straw method. Fifteen blastocysts per treatment were fixed for lipid quantification by staining with Sudan Black B. Embryo re-expansion and hatching capability were used to assess viability (control = 27; FBS + CLA = 30; CLA = 17). Transfers of one or two embryos to recipients were performed to evaluate in vivo survival: T1 [recipients that received one blastocyst (n=17 embryos, Control=5, FBS+CLA=6 and CLA=6)]; T2 [recipients that received two blastocysts (n =54 embryos, Control=18, FBS+CLA=14 and CLA=22)]. There was no difference in cleavage rate (62.1%; 74%; 74% for Control; FBS + CLA, CLA, respectively), blastocyst production in relation to the cleaved structures (59.7%; 47.7%; 38 3% for Control; FBS + CLA, CLA, respectively) and blastocyst production relative to the total oocytes (37.1%, 35.4%, 28.3% for Control; FBS + CLA, CLA, respectively) between treatments (P> 0.05). A reduction of lipid droplets was observed in embryos cultured in medium supplemented with CLA compared to embryos cultured in the FCS in the absence and presence of CLA (P <0.05). The reexpansion rate was higher in the Control group (70.4%) compared to the CLA (47.1%) and lowest for FBS+CLA (43.3%) (P<0.05). The hatching rates were similar among treatments, 42.1%; 23.1%; 25% for control; SFB + CLA; CLA respectively (P>0.05). Only one pregnancy was observed in early and confirmatory diagnosis, as the result of a Control group embryo transfer. Although embryos cultured with CLA have shown smaller intracytoplasmic lipid content, no difference was observed in viability following vitrification between treatments.