Effect of the antifreeze protein on the microstructure of strawberries (Fragaria ananassa Duch)

Abstract The present work aimed to evaluate the effect of the antifreeze protein on the microstructure and physicochemical properties of hidroponic strawberries, evaluating the titratable acidity, pH, colour and optical microscopy before freezing both in natura (IN) and impregnated with the protein (IP), and after thawing without the protein (TWP) and impregnated (TIP) with the antifreeze protein (AFP Type I from fish) by vacuum impregnation. After thawing, the treatment was also compared in terms of drip losses. The antifreeze protein impregnated strawberries showed no statistical differences with respect to the physicochemical properties, but the drip loss was statistically lower from the thawed strawberries treated with the antifreeze protein. The vacuum impregnated thawed strawberries showed less damage to the microstructure. The cells of the thawed samples with antifreeze protein conserved the structure of the reference samples of in natura strawberry.