Effect of the diet of healthy dogs on clinical analysis and behavioral aspects

ABSTRACT The objective of this study was to study the effect of homemade feed, commercial feed in bulk, and closed commercial feed for adult dogs on clinical analysis and behavioral aspects of diet intake. The experimental design was completely randomized with three treatments: homemade diet, bulk premium type feed, and closed commercial feed of the premium type. Three dogs were observed in each of the treatments, totaling nine animals. The variables analyzed were: blood glycemia, fecal odor, fecal score, fecal volume, chemical urine analysis (urinary pH, presence of protein, blood, ketone bodies, bilirubin and glucose), visual evaluation of hair and voluntary dietary intake. Dogs submitted to a home diet showed lower blood glucose results (83.90). Urine was more alkaline pH for dogs that received the bulk feed (8.06). Dogs from the homemade feed presented the highest score for hair quality. There was a greater volume of feces from dogs that received the diet of bulk feed. Dogs that received the diet of home feed or closed commercial feed showed a total consumption of food in less than ten minutes. Most of the results were similar between the homemade feed and the closed-type premium diet. The dogs bulk feed presented the worst results.