Effects of Job Involvement, Managerial Attitudes, and Information Sharing on Controllers› Performance in the Budgetary Context

posted on 25.09.2019 by Micheli Aparecida Lunardi, Vinícius Costa da Silva Zonatto, Juliana Constâncio Nascimento

Abstract Purpose: This study investigates the intervening effects of job involvement, managerial attitudes, and information sharing in the relationship between the budget participation and managerial performance of controllers of companies operating in Brazil. Design/methodology/approach: Descriptive research was performed through a survey with 318 respondents with budgetary responsibility in companies operating in Brazil. The individuals participating in the study carry out the role of controller, controller manager, or controller coordinator. The theoretical relations investigated in this research were tested using the structural equation modeling technique. Findings: The results showed that budget participation positively influences job involvement, which showed a direct and indirect influence on managerial performance, mediated by managerial attitudes. Job involvement influences controllers’ managerial attitudes and their willingness to share information with superiors. However, vertical information sharing does not have a direct influence on managerial performance. Originality/value: The aim is to contribute to the existing knowledge related to this subject, by providing evidence of the effects of controllers’ budgetary participation on their job involvement. The expectation is to produce evidence of the direct and indirect effects of involvement in the relationship between budget participation and managerial performance, mediated by managerial attitudes towards the budget and the willingness to share information with superiors.