Elementary, Chemical and Energy Characteristics of Brazil Nuts Waste (Bertholletia excelsa) in the State of Pará

ABSTRACT This study aimed to determine the chemical and energetic composition of Brazil nut waste in the city of Castanhal-PA. Some of the material was crushed, sifted and stored for acclimatization and analysis. Molecular and immediate chemical analyses were performed on the raw material according to NBR standards. Another part was charred in Muffle furnace, with heating rate of 1.67 °C.min-1 and temperature of 450 °C for 60 minutes. For biomass, 55.76% of lignin and 2.61% of minerals were found. Means of 65.67% for volatiles were also found; 2.08% of ashes and 21.64% of fixed carbon. In the elementary, means of 53.54% of carbon and 0.11% of sulfur were found. For charcoal, 25.81% of volatiles were found; 1.76% of ashes and 67.50% of fixed carbon. Residues have high levels of lignin, fixed carbon and low ash contents, demonstrating potential for direct burning for energy, charcoal, activated carbon and biochar.



CC BY 4.0