Esquema Explícito Semi-Analítico para a Solução da Equação da Onda Unidimensional com Condições de Contorno Naturais

posted on 05.06.2019 by A. R. MELO, L. M. GRAMANI, E. KAVISKI

ABSTRACT This paper discusses the development of an semi-analytical explicit scheme for solving the non-homogeneous one-dimensional wave equation. A space-time mesh was constructed through the incremental relation c Δ t = Δ x, such that control volume were formed from the characteristic lines of said equation. Schemes were developed from the integral form of the conservation law on these control volumes. They have the property of null local truncation error, even in cases not homogeneous or generalized solution. The method facilitates the inclusion of the initial and boundary conditions, also inserted without the need for approximation techniques. Considering the developments and numerical experiments performed, we conclude that the proposed scheme is an excellent numerical technique, with great accuracy and robustness to solve the one-dimensional linear wave problem.