Essay on the variety of erasures in some of Saussure’s manuscripts

2018-09-19T02:48:18Z (GMT) by Eliane Silveira

ABSTRACT Going through some of Ferdinand de Saussure’s manuscripts it is noticeable that the occurrence of erasure is marked by a great fluctuation. Either it is very present, or it is rare, besides this fluctuation it is also perceptive that in the interior of the same manuscript the erasure can occur for different reasons which can determine its frequency. In some manuscripts, the erasure that corrects the style repeats less than the erasure which concern constructions that apply for the concept’s elaboration. Some erasures are productive, therefore, others are not. Such complexity take us, in this work, to go through some Saussure’s manuscripts and emphasize the erasures so that we comprehend the fluctuation and, from then on, understand the erasure’s mechanism as a part of Saussure’s production process.



CC BY 4.0